IHoM4 registration

Registration for IHoM4 is free, but necessary. We expect all participants to register by noon on Tuesday 4th June. All participants will pay for meals (lunch & dinner – see below).

The IHoM4 dinner will be the early bird at Chesterfields Restaurant in the Ashling Hotel, just across the Liffey from Dr Steevens’ Hospital, less than five minutes’ walk from IHoM4. We have booked a table for 18:00. The menu can be found following this link. We hope that as many IHoM4 participants as possible will extend the conference in this convivial manner!

We expect that most IHoM4 participants will find it convenient to have lunch in the canteen of Dr Steevens’ Hospital. It is a typical, inexpensive (small) workplace canteen with a choice of hot and cold meals, desserts and tea/coffee. The canteen management will need to have a good idea of how many we are.

Of course, it will help with the organisation if we know, in advance, who is coming. Please copy, paste and complete the following questionnaire (and send it to maurice.oreilly[at]dcu.ie, with IHoM4 registration in the subject field).

START of questionnaire

  1. I will participate in IHoM4: Y/N/maybe*
  2. I will have lunch in the canteen of Dr Steevens’ Hospital: Y/N/maybe*
  3. I will have dinner in Chesterfields Restaurant: Y/N/maybe*

If Y/maybe is your response to the last question, choose from the early bird menu:

  • To begin:
  • The main event:
  • To compliment [sic!]:
  • Final temptations:
  • Tea & coffee selection:

END of questionnaire

To make life easy, the cost of dinner will (probably) be collected at registration.

* If you choose ‘maybe‘, please include a probability (0=definitely not; 1=certain) also.

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